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Barrel Wars started as a simple exercise that had the sole purpose of deepening my knowledge about the Unreal engine Niagara particle system. The initial idea was just to develop a series of explosion effects for barrels.

However, after developing some particle effects and attaching each one to a respective barrel, it's pretty evident that this set-up could evolve and become a mini-game.





FX_Explosion_004 2022-04-30 17-28-31_3.gif


Simple and fun entertainment

When Barrel Wars evolved from an exercise to a mini-game, the idea was to continue with the simplicity and casualness that it had. Shooting the barrels to test the particles was already fun enough, so I decided to keep that simplicity.

The only elements added were to formalize the game concept within this environment. Adding features like a score meter, different scores for each barrel type (each barrel with a unique explosion) and a match timer.

Captura de tela 2022-04-29 220156.png


Everything can become a game

Although it's a simple game, in fact being just a mine-game, Barrel Wars is excellent to remind us how anything can become a game with the right approach.

This project always reminds me of how a Game Designer should act, looking for ways to forge fun and entertainment, even from simple things.

Barrel_UI (64-bit Development PCD3D_SM5)  2022-04-29 21-23-56_5.gif

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