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Tiago Massochin Selfie

My life is about games

Being a child of the nineties born in the interior of Brazil, you can imagine that I would hardly have any contact or a future related to games or technologies.

But that never stopped me. At the age of 3, I was already learning to use my parents' DOS computer to be able to play games on floppy disks. Identifying the "symbols" on the keyboard and repeating the order my father had written for me with the command to open a DOS game. I can say that I learned to use a keyboard even before I learned to write.

All my dedication and curiosity have always been motivated by games, a passion I've always had. Whether it's creating new games to play with my friends on the street, modifying the rules of chess so we can have a quick game over break at school, or spending hours playing and talking about video games.

Nowadays, I follow my dream of working as a Game Designer, always trying to create new and remarkable experiences that somehow manage to inspire, in the same way as the first games I played, that same passion in the future generations.



2024 - Present

Ubisoft Toronto

I am excited to join Ubisoft Toronto as a Game Designer, focusing on progression design. My role at Ubisoft involves creating and optimizing progression systems that enhance player engagement and satisfaction.

My projects focus primarily on designing progression mechanics that reward and motivate players, aiming to evoke unique experiences and memorable scenarios. I enjoy employing mechanics, dynamics, and aesthetics to create engaging gameplay experiences. By considering player behaviour, I strive to increase player retention and build emotional connections.

In my career, I have consistently aimed to push the boundaries of game design, specializing in creating systems that captivate and engage players. My experience spans various aspects of game development, and I am dedicated to integrating progression systems that are both innovative and enjoyable.

Worked with programming, production, art, and design teams to create cohesive and engaging progression systems.

Designed unique progression mechanics by incorporating player feedback and data analysis to optimize the gaming experience.

Analyzed player behaviour to increase engagement and build emotional connections through well-designed progression systems.

Ensured that progression systems harmonized with the overall game design, providing a smooth and enjoyable player experience.

2014 - 2024

Zmass Productions

Zmass Productions is my personal brand, under which I undertake freelance assignments and engage in experimental projects. Since 2014, I have been continually exploring and experimenting with various concepts, primarily aiming to enhance my skills and discover new possibilities in the realm of game design.

My projects focus primarily on emotional concepts, aiming to evoke unique experiences and craft memorable and intriguing scenarios and scenes. I enjoy employing mechanics, dynamics, and aesthetics to create engaging gameplay experiences while designing immersive game worlds with balanced and captivating gameplay systems. By considering player behaviour, I strive to increase player engagement and build emotional connections.

Throughout my professional journey, I have developed a diverse range of skills spanning numerous disciplines, including Game Design, Level Design, Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, Narrative Design, Sound Design, and Project Management, and I have even experimented with writing and composing.

My goal is to always continue refining my expertise in game design.


Collaborated with programming, production, art, and design teams to create immersive character-based levels and implement ultra-fun gameplay mechanics

Conceptualized and developed innovative games by incorporating captivating art, sound, video, and creative ideas that resonated with players

Crafted diverse and engaging game worlds, balancing artistic vision and game performance



Game Design courses focus on providing applied, real-world skill development. Assignments and classwork focus on case studies, simulations, and lab projects. A course project-based, in which students work in teams to develop a game.

International student graduated with honours

Actively participates in game jam groups

Capstone project awarded the Capstone Gold Star

Capstone project shown at Level Up Showcase 2023 and XP Game Developer Summit 2023


The Graphic Designer with qualifications in Digital Design combines creativity, a refined aesthetic sense, cultural foundation with the ability to use computer graphics tools to create solutions for digital and interactive media, computer graphics, animation, games, information design, and interaction design.

Organizer of the academic week of digital design

Audiovisual club

Final Paper – Paradox Line - approved with honour and with the max rate

Participant in the digital art exhibition at the Muma museum














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