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Forgettable Logo

A narrative game where you must remind others of who you are

Barrel War Logo

Fight an endless horde of barrels until your stress is gone

Star Wars: The Last Assault​ Logo

An FPS from the Star Wars universe

Birumboom Logo

A love letter to '90s platform video games

A Way Home Logo

A spaceship stealth game with survival elements

Conquer Logo

A board game where the only objective is to conquer everything

PicNic Logo

A narrative video game made to test player ethics


A reinterpretation of the classic pinball developed during a game jam


A collaborative project about a train & colours

Katamari 2D Logo

A video game entirely made using only Java code

Paradox Line Logo

A science fiction to question what it means to be a human

Sua Vida Logo

A narrative game that criticizes the new living standards of modern society

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