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Sound Design Projects

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Under Choices Logo

Exporting culture around the world

With a setting inspired by Brazil, Under Choices take inspiration from several Brazilian cultural elements, including the music

With themes like Bossa Nova, its songs are composed of unique characteristics and instruments from Brazil

A Way Home Logo

Tension increased by sound

Inspired by classic sci-fi horror, the sounds of A Way Home create a tense atmosphere of suspense

Utilizing techniques to increase player anxiety through psychological terror


A retro atmosphere

In SHMAT BALL, the game's retro atmosphere needed to be reinforced; the soundtrack was fundamental to that

Being a fast-paced game, it was also important that everything that happened in the game was soundly clear to the players

Sua Vida Logo

Emotions through SFX

In SUA : VIDA, sound elements were used to increase the credibility of the game's universe and create a dense atmosphere

This game uses procedural sound techniques to make each experience unique

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