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Old Computer Vector Art

Told by Emotions

The pretext of SUA : VIDA was to tell a critical story with a very artistic narrative, without the necessity to use traditional narrative.

Several sound elements were used to reinforce the belief in the world that the game sought to create.


Several details were already developed with their particular sounds in mind

Aiming to insert these sound elements like narrative and gameplay mechanics

The sound effects of SUA : VIDA were developed to work procedurally.

Each object has a unique sound system with different variations. Ensuring that the player will never have their immersion broken after noticing an audio loop pattern.



Introduction to Sound Design

Despite I'm being familiar with traditional music and composition since childhood. This project was my first contact with Sound Design and procedural sound techniques.

Even so, I didn't let myself be intimidated and gave my best in the development of SUA : VIDA.

Today I can say that I'm still immensely proud of the results I achieved with this project, whether in the development of sound design or in the simple compositions that help bring the game to life.

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