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Level Design Projects

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Far Cry 6 Ubisoft Next Logo

Emotional Resonance in Level Design

Embeds emotional engagement by turning each act of rebellion into a meaningful encounter. The deliberate placement of interactive elements invites players to express resistance creatively, ensuring actions taken resonate emotionally.

Circuit Breakout Logo

Harmonizing Mechanics and Story

Through intricate level design in Circuit Breakout: Dual Polarity, we bridge narrative and gameplay, inviting players to unravel a story of connection as they navigate carefully crafted electrical puzzles

Back to Black Mesa Logo

A Half-Life 2 mod that reimagines its end

Back to Black Mesa is a reinterpretation of what Half-Life 2's ending could have been

In this parallel universe Gordon Freeman must return to Black Mesa decades after the incident

Star Wars: The Last Assault​ Logo

A fan map made for the Unreal Tournament

Star Wars: The Last Assault is a fan map made for the FPS Unreal Tournament

The map was produced inspired by the Star Wars universe and shaped for the frenetic gameplay of the FPS

Birumboom Logo

A reinterpretation of classics 3D platform games

Birumboom is a project that aims to reinterpret the classic 3D platformers of the 90s

With a gray box that mixes a horizontal and vertical layout to create a dynamic level


Increase player agency through level design

SHMAT BALL's level design was thought to ensure that players would always have agency over the game and participate

As a 1v1 pinball, it was necessary to ensure that no player would be left out of the experience while the ball bounces around

Paradox Line Logo

Level designed to reinforce the narrative

The level design of Paradox Line was developed, taking into account the narrative focus of the project

Quests, levels and flow were created, always thinking about how they could help to develop and deepen the narrative

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