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Koyvk's rooftop

Holding Attention

One of the main concepts of Paradox Line's Level Design is to use a wide variety of urban environments, in different conditions, as a way to excite curiosity and hold the players' attention.

Players should not only move between levels mechanically in pursuit of their goals, they should also be rewarded with a remarkable experience of exploration and a desire to see what comes next.

Level_001 - Flow.jpg

Every Room Matters

To create an experience, levels must work to it

Due to the exploratory nature of Paradox Line's gameplay, it was vitally important that each room the player explored had something interesting to see or interact with.

Likewise, all the game's environments were designed always considering "what makes this room unique?", seeking as much as possible to make each scene of the game memorable in some way.

Captura de tela 2022-03-23 013648.png

Other People Matter

Make a video game for others, not just yourself

Paradox Line was the first project that used professional development techniques such as level design planning, prototyping, and testing.
One of the points I learned most from this project is the importance of having a precise design and documentation, but mainly, testing your ideas and taking into account the opinion of others.
It was a fantastic experience to create the concept of a game of this scale from scratch and see other people testing it and having a good time.

More About It

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