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The future of technology and its tendency towards personality dissociation

Paradox Line is one of the final products of the project entitled Futuro Desconexo.

The project aimed to develop three different works about the same fictional universe. Result in the development of a science fiction novel, an experimental music piece and the game Paradox Line.

All these works were created to connect with each other and deepen the theme of the impact of technology on the human being as an individual and on the society in which he is inserted.

The project was initially created as a final project for the Bachelor of Digital Design at PUCPR university.

Initially developed in 2016. One of the main challenges in the development of Paradox Line was the creation of a concise and professional documentation, as a GDD, script, marketing analysis, target audience, etc. especially since it was my first project in which I developed professional, descriptive, and analytical documentation.

Paradox Line
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Paradox Line was finished with complete documentation, script, playtest analysis, gameplay prototypes, and an unreal mockup of the final version of the game.

The final project was approved with honour at PUCPR in December 2016.



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