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Three Characters, One Story

In Paradox Line, the player is faced with a unique philosophical question "what defines us as human beings?".
This questioning is approached from three different points of view, each one corresponding to a protagonist of the game.

Each protagonist has its uniqueness and approaches the theme with different interpretations, using more conservative, contemporary, and progressive thoughts, leaving the player exclusively responsible for finding an answer to this question.


Interconnected Stories

Different stories, different approaches.

Although each protagonist's stories are in separate places, and the three never actually meet, their story is intricately connected and influences the way the player plays with each of them.

Throughout the script development process, consideration was always given to how events in one narrative would affect the other and how the player would understand and perceive these connections through the gameplay.

The narrative process was one of the main responsible for developing different mechanics for each character. These mechanics were balanced according to the gameplay style and the personality of each of them, aiming to create a consistent experience.

Story as Reward

A good narrative may be just what is needed

Paradox Line was developed in 2016 and was the first project of this proportion that I approached as a professional writer. The narrative has always played a vital role in the core of this project, resulting in the development of a classic script, Interactive stories planning with flow view and connected to gameplay elements.

The most exciting part of this entire process was the results obtained in the playtests. Even with a simple prototype, the players showed a sincere interest in the game's events, becoming positively anxious to know the characters and learn more about the story.

Amid this positive feedback, I was also encouraged by colleagues and professors at PUCPR University to turn my script into a classic novel. The novel had a few chapters published on Wattpad, getting over 800 readers, and ranking in the top ten most-read science fiction books for a few weeks, something I was immensely proud of.

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