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Game Design Projects

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Far Cry 6 Ubisoft Next Logo

Shaping gameplay through information

Designed to enrich the Far Cry experience with a layer of unpredictability, this antagonist underscores how information can directly impact player decision-making and adaptability, setting a new benchmark for immersive engagement.

Circuit Breakout Logo

A Tale of Two Characters and a World of Puzzles

The journey of designing Circuit Breakout was one that transcended the realm of game design theory and ventured into the exploratory grounds of player experience, cognitive demand, and engaging storytelling

Under Choices Logo

Education through entertainment

Using gamification Under Choices addresses a serious subject of little attention, doomscrolling

Educating subjectively, the projects was designed to make players reflect on the current reality

Barrel War Logo

A particle playground

A project that started as a study of the Unreal engine Niagara particle system

However, this study turned out to be more fun than expected and ended up becoming a game

A Way Home Logo

A stealth game in space

A Way Home's gameplay was designed to create an unusual space stealth game

Mixing survival and horror to creates a dense atmosphere that encourages stealth

Conquer Logo

A procedural board game

Conquer's development scope was to develop a board game using the Area Control mechanic

Inspired by the classic RTS video games, Conquer was developed so that each match is unique


Recreating an arcade classic

The idea of SHMAT BALL came up in a game jam, where we should develop a game with the theme of classic arcade games

Mixing elements of classic pinball with other games, we developed a challenging 1v1 game


A mixture of reality and virtuality

TREM's game design was created to experiment with colours and the human perception of them

Mixing real elements with a video game, this game creates a puzzle where it is necessary to control the colours to solve it

Katamari 2D Logo

Simplicity can be surprising

Katamari 2D was born from a project whose initial scope was to use only the Processing IDE and library

Even with this significant limitation, the project managed to have an excellent outcome

Paradox Line Logo

Designed by narrative

Paradox Line's game design process was created in conjunction with its narrative development

Aiming at a project with gameplay that supports its main characters and helps to reinforce their personalities

Sua Vida Logo

Thought to stimulate emotions

The entire game design of SUA : VIDA was designed to reinforce its social critique since the beginning of the project

Using empathic psychology to recreate intentional feelings in players with gameplay elements

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