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Game Concept Draft


The project's initial scope that resulted in the Katamari 2D game was to develop a video game in the most complex way possible, using only the Processing IDE and library (at the time, the third version).

With this limitation, any project to be developed would have to match some straightforward requisite; it must be simple, cyclic, and somehow managed to appeal to players.







Using the best tool available

The first step in the development of the project was to study and understand the - at that time unknown - tool that would be used to develop the game.

With a bit of research, the potential of Processing with vector art became obvious and its ease in programming and creating them. With this advantage in mind, inspiration was sought in another game that uses a lot of vector graphics and was also designed with several limitations, in this case, the classic and acclaimed Katamari.



Results that inspired me

Due to the various limitations and challenges imposed in the development of this project, I must admit that I cannot imagine that I would be so proud of the final result.

Of course, much of the game's charm is due to Keita Takahashi's outstanding and unique design and artwork on the original Katamari.

However, it was delightful to recreate this concept in a simplified and 2D way and attest that it can still work and be captivating!

More About It

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