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A project to test my limits as a programmer

The Katamari 2D game grew out of a programming challenge I did for myself in 2019.

With this project, I wanted to see how sophisticated I could make a game using just codebase. The project was developed in java using the graphical library and IDE Processing.

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All artistic elements in the game were created originally with vector elements inside the Processing IDE library, the only imported resource being the classic Katamari.ttf font file.

Later the code was converted to JavaScript using the .p5 library. 


Searching for simplicity

Katamari 2D was initially intended to be just a project or challenge to improve my programmer skills. Still, it became a game that I'm very proud of the result.

This project is a beautiful way to remind me that the most advanced features are not always necessary. We can often make a very fun and pleasant game using only simple tools.

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Development Process

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