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Level Design Flow


TREM was a collaborative project developed in two weeks. In this project, a puzzle game was designed with a mixture of the themes train and colours.

Each team member was tasked with developing a different puzzle representing each of the cars on a train.

For my train car, I wanted players to use real elements to play with the colours and modify them.






The puzzles were developed with the idea of removing and adding colours by filters.

With the idea of using physical elements to solve the puzzle, a solution was sought that could change the screen's colours externally while players were playing.

For this, a cardboard frame was developed as the only prototype. The frame contains RGB colour filters that are locked by padlocks. By finding clues in the game, players can open the locks, remove one RGB filter, and unlock new colours, which unlock new information inside the game.

Physical puzzle


My first time developing physical puzzles

TREM was an exciting project to participate in, mainly because it was the first time I got to experience physics puzzles. And developing my own was a fantastic experience.

The most rewarding part of this experience was seeing the curiosity and fascination of my team members and the players who tested our game. Seeing their reaction as they played with the way colours were added and removed from the game was remarkable!

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