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The initial concept of Paradox Line was to create a 2D adventure game with a focus on narrative interaction and puzzle exploration. In a futuristic cyber-punk city, its precept is to question the points that separate, or not, a human being from a possible equally sophisticated artificial intelligence.

The project focuses on exploring and interacting with the setting and other characters. Featuring three protagonists, each with its own theme and distinct narrative focus. The player must interact and talk with other characters, complete puzzles, and delve into the story.


Adventure narrative

Philosophical depth

Distinct characters

Fluxograma Level_Setores - Kelvin.png


Interconnected puzzles and dialogs between levels

Paradox Line took a lot of inspiration from classic adventure video games such as those from the golden age of Lucas Art.
With a more modern approach, the players explore different scenarios collecting items and talking to unique characters. As the players collect the necessary clues and pieces, the player can complete mini-games and puzzles, unlocking new narrative snippets and progressing through the game.



Experience with prototyping and playtesting

Paradox Line was the first video game project I approached professionally and methodically. It resulted in the development of an excellent GDD, a prototype with three main gameplay concepts and several pages of feedback obtained by playtesting.

This project developed me the most as a professional game designer. I consider it a milestone that separates my history and marks my beginnings as not just a person doing games but now an experienced and qualified game designer.

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