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The initial concept of SUA : VIDA was to create an artistic digital game that works as a social critique of the patterns of work and socialization in large urban centers.

The project would initially focus on performing boring and repetitive tasks of an ordinary office workday, using paradoxical psychology to pass the message. However, the scope increased during the pre-production, and the project began to focus on an entire day of a worker's life.


Social Critic



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The game was designed to be purposefully boring and frustrating

To raise awareness through the experience it provides

The design of SUA : VIDA was created to replicate a bad day of an urban worker.
Levels were created to replicate the experience of being stuck in traffic, performing tedious tasks on the company computer, and having a stressful day.



I keep this project with great affection in my heart

SUA : VIDA was the first major project I worked on as a game designer. It was a fascinating experience to develop this game over a semester and to have the opportunity to exhibit at the MuMA museum.

I discovered and learned many things with this project, and, at the same time, the feeling of seeing your first great idea gradually taking shape until it was delivered to the public was very comforting.

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