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A narrative game that criticizes the new living standards of modern society.

SUA:VIDA is a game about depression and problems caused by the urban work routine of modern society, covering themes such as corporatism, family disconnection and suicide.

Follow the last day employee FD-302. Guiding him from the moment he wakes up until the end of the day.

SUA:VIDA was developed for the MuMA museum (Curitiba/PR-BR) for the digital arts exposure "Psyches." The game's main objective is to discuss depression in modern society and the new life pattern spread around the urban environment — the game addresses topics such as corporatism, family disconnection, lack of empathy and suicide.

The project was initially developed in 2014 exclusively for the exhibition at the museum. In 2022 it had an updated version developed, and now players can play it online.

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