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Story by Actions

In SUA : VIDA, players must experience a narrative of a bad day of a modern urban employee.

The game works as a social critique, telling how current life models have been responsible for the increase in depression and the drop of quality of life in the world.


Environmental Storytelling

Few dialogues restricted to key points in the story

The game's narrative is mostly told by its setting.
Using visual elements, framing, hierarchy and sound, the game conveys the loneliness and depression faced by the main character, without ever mentioning these themes.


Emotional Direction

A narrative video game that has aged well

SUA : VIDA was developed in 2014 and was my first big project. I learned a lot during the development of this game and was delighted with the feedback I received from players who played it at the MuMA museum.

Since I released this game, I've learned a lot about game design, especially narrative design. Despite having made many mistakes at the time, I'm still impressed with the accomplishments I got in SUA : VIDA, mainly because of the little experience I had.

More About It

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