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The initial challenge was conceptualizing unique dual-character mechanics for Circuit Breakout.


We aimed to create a gameplay experience that allowed simultaneous control and cooperative interaction between the two characters, Surge and Data, making it feel both natural and intuitive.


Emphasis was placed on ensuring their distinct abilities played a consistent role in puzzle-solving, laying the foundations for a truly distinctive game experience.



Dual-Character Mechanics

Bridging Gaps

Clear Sense of Progression

Circuit Breakout - Game System Pitch - Core Game Loop (1).jpg


Bridging Gaps Through Unity


Building a cohesive gameplay that required the abilities of both characters was a significant challenge.


Constant playtesting and adjustments allowed us to refine Surge's electrical manipulation and Data's interaction with machinery, enhancing the game's intuitiveness. Considerable attention was given to the game's interactive elements and objects.


These elements were designed to engage both characters and dynamically impact gameplay, offering a fresh perspective at each stage and enhancing the player's experience.



Achieving Progression and Engagement


A clear sense of progression is what keeps the players gripped to Circuit Breakout.


Through the One Page GDD methodology, we were able to maintain a clear roadmap for gradually introducing new environments, elements, and narratives.


This approach enabled us to provide a rewarding progression system while ensuring our updates remained consistent with the overall game vision.


Coupled with distinctive aesthetics of each game stage, we've strived to create an immersive, visually appealing experience that keeps players hooked till the end.

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