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A study of abandonment

After deciding on the initial concept of what would become the Back to Black Mesa project, studies were started to improve knowledge about the architecture of the original Half-Life maps, trying to keep key aspects to remit to the player's nostalgia.

Likewise, studies and visits to abandoned buildings and facilities were carried out to deepen knowledge about how nature takes over these places over time.

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It's all about community

There are always people willing to help you on the internet.

The development of the Back to Black Mesa project had exemplary pre-production, and being a mod for a famous franchise, it was amazingly easy to find content about it, which made the development of a gray box prototype much easier.

The use of the Source engine was a crucial point for the development of the project, as it allowed the use of various elements, such as AI and Half-Life 2 models, accelerating production. The first prototype has two environments for demonstration purposes.

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Always have something to learn

Learning new things can always be interesting and inspiring

With the Back to Black Mesa project, I had my first contact with the Source 2 engine and the Valve SDK. Although it is an engine already quite old and established, it is still difficult to find information about it. But this project also helped me remember how much people are willing to help you on the internet, especially on forums.

Developing this prototype was an exciting experience because it's always cool to learn something new, and being able to make new friends in the process is even more satisfying!

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