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The son returns home

After fleeing Ravenholm Gordon discover that there were still Xen crystals in the old Black Mesa facility. One way to stop the Combine would be to use the crystals with their teleportation effects. Gordon Freeman must return to Black Mesa in search of possible specimens of the Xen crystal that still exist.

Upon arriving in Black Mesa, Gordon Freeman finds a facility very different from the one he fled decades ago. Once a technology-flooded facility, Black Mesa was now tamed by nature, which found shelter amid its wreckage.

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Back to Black Mesa is a mod that seeks to retell the end of the classic Half-Life 2, bringing Gordon Freeman back to the decaying Black Mesa years after the incident of the first game.

This retelling seeks to bring a hint of nostalgia to fans of the series, as well as creatively answer what would have happened to Black Mesa and what it would look like years later.


Development Process

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