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Character's Metric

Learning the rules

At the beginning of the production process for creating The Last Assault map, the focus was assigned to two main aspects: the mythology and architecture of the Star Wars universe and the metrics of the game Unreal Tournament (2014).

A study was made about possible faction conflicts in the Star Wars universe and which would fit for a competitive FPS game. With a selected plot, the architecture of the potential locals was studied.

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Planning-based development

A strong foundation is essential for good development

The development of The Last Assault map development had an excellent pre-production process, with in-depth studies of the theme, architecture, and tools that would be used for its creation.

Due to detailed documentation, with visual references, metric studies, and several diagrams exemplifying the map's features, the development of the gray box prototype took place as smoothly as possible. Even after two playtest sessions, the initial concept had very few changes, making the development process easier and quicker.

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Some things are not under our control

Not all projects are completed and it's not always your fault

The gray box of the Star Wars: The Last Assault map was made available for download on the Unreal Tournanment (2014) online community in 2021, having more than 1000 downloads, even with Epic having already announced the end of development of the game that was still in pre-alpha. However, the game's community maintained their enthusiasm and continued to develop additional content for the game. 

The Star Wars: The Last Assault map was still in development when Epic closed the game's official community, cancelling the project's development together.

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