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Two factions fighting each other on the unknown ground

During the Jedi Civil War, a group of rebels was sent on a mission already presented as a one-way trip, The Last Assault to prevent Darth Revan's Sith Empire from dominating the Taris planet.


The rebels sought shelter in the far reaches of Undercity, a dark wild area inhabited by the Outcasts. Darth Revan pursues the rebels without hesitation to the lawless land aiming for the final conquers of the planet.

UnrealTournament  2022-05-02 17-57-04.gif

Star Wars: The Last Assault is a project where a custom map was created based on the Star Wars universe and developed in the Unreal Engine to be played in the Unreal Tournament (2014).

The map is capture the flag style intended to be played by two 3v3 teams. The map underwent two playtest sessions and was made available to the Unreal Tournament community and was well received.

The early access gray box to the map made available on the Unreal Tournament (2014) online community had more than 1000 matches.

The map was in the development stage when the Unreal Tournament (2014) development cancellation was announced, along with the closure of the online community.

The Last Assault
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