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Emphasizing Mechanics


With a keen focus on our dual-character mechanics, each level was intricately designed to spotlight the unique abilities of Surge and Data.


The layout of every level was created such that it nudged the players to leverage both characters' powers effectively, promoting a sense of synergy and complementing the overall gameplay experience.

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Intuitive and Interactive Design


Crafting an intuitive environment was a key objective in our level design process.


A crucial part of our level design process was ensuring that the game elements and their interactions were clear and intuitive.


From Surge's electrical manipulations to Data's machine interactions, we aimed to make it easy for players to understand the functionality and utility of these elements.


This clarity in design extends to our game environment as well, where the colour palettes and lighting are used to guide the player's attention and signify character locations, important objects, and key interaction points.

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Maintaining Clarity and Immersion


Ensuring visual clarity was a top priority, given our dual-character control scheme.

The essence of our level design philosophy hinged on clarity and functionality. We strived to create an environment where players could swiftly identify their characters and understand the elements within the game space.


By keeping a stark visual distinction between interactive and non-interactive elements, we reduced the scope for confusion and allowed players to focus on decision-making and strategizing their moves effectively.

To sustain player engagement, levels were structured to introduce new challenges and mechanics progressively. This methodology allowed us to maintain a well-balanced learning curve, ensuring the gameplay experience remained fresh and stimulating, keeping players perpetually invested in the game.


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