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A quest for nostalgia

Birumboom's main Level Design concepts are to rescue the nostalgia of classic platform games from the 90s with their simplicity and charisma.

The project needed to develop a gray box for a demo level, using vertical and horizontal progression with a good flow of cadence and challenge.

Captura de tela 2022-04-30 233337.png

Gradually increasing difficulty

Same mechanics, different combinations.

To recreate the nostalgia of the 90's platform classics, Birumboom takes inspiration and tries to recreate the same dynamics cadence and challenges from the maps of the classic games.

Using few mechanics and elements but ensuring that they are used and reused several times. With an introductory and simple beginning, but with more complex and difficult variations throughout the map.

Captura de tela 2022-04-30 233451.png

Recreating an old passion

I grew up playing 3D platform games

Working on the development of Birumboom was a sensational experience, mainly for being able to relive the feelings and nostalgia I still have for 3D platform classics like Spyro, Croc, Mario 64 and others.

Having to return to these games to analyze them was not just a professional experience, but a journey through good memories and flashbacks that I have of these games and this genre.

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