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Contextualized by sound

As Under Choices is a point-and-click narrative game, and much of its contextualization is sound's responsibility.

The game's sounds needed to give context to the atmosphere and culture represented while at the same time remaining in the background without interfering with gameplay.


A research about your homeland

The sound effects of SUA : VIDA were developed to work procedurally.

Each object has a unique sound system with different variations. Ensuring that the player will never have their immersion broken after noticing an audio loop pattern.


Finding your roots

Despite being Brazilian and having studied music from an early age, I can say that my first time exploring Brazilian music genres was due to Under Choices.

I always looked for a lot of inspiration in things that happened outside Brazil, and having an opportunity to do the opposite was something exciting.

I am very proud of the sound design I produced for this project, not just for the work itself but for being able to represent my culture in such a rewarding way.

Under Choices
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