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Use social media to manipulate society

In a dystopian future, you are working for the totalitarian government of the Union of South American Republics, the USAR.

Every day, you need to choose new posts to manipulate society. It is up to you to analyze and choose which ones will or not be boosted on social media.


Your choices will be responsible for the USAR fate, leading to a revolution, causing the downfall of the government, or forcing government policy to keep the population ignorant for the greater good! 


We need to talk about doomscrolling

Built to gamify the problems that doomscrolling has been causing in Brazil, such as the rise of extremism, Under Choices presents the USAR as a dictatorship country.


A point-and-click game where you will be choosing the social media posts of the day. Each day the consequences of your choices will be visible, affecting society. Maybe one or two editors will disappear, for the greater good, of course.


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