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The retro wave

SHMAT BALL is a reimagining of the classic pinball games, a competitive 1v1 version adapted for modern times.

A fast-paced, competitive, and retro game. And that's exactly what the game's sound design always emphasizes.


An exploration in the retro-futuristic environment

The SHMAT sounds are designed to enhance the quick actions players can take in the game, so that nothing goes unnoticed. This includes the chain reactions that can be done in-game, which modify the sound effects as they happen.

The music was produced using only synthesizers, especially vintage models, like the classic Roland Jupiter. All this to ensure that the game would have a digital and retro-futuristic atmosphere.



A synth trip

Even though it was a short game jam project, in which I only had one day to work on the sound design, I can't help but say how pleased I was with the result.

Synthesizers have always been my favourite instruments. Being able to use just synths to produce the SHMAT BALL effects and the soundtrack was a very satisfying experience. And see how happy my team was with the results was a wonderful feeling.

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