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A dense atmosphere

A Way Home is a spaceship game with a theme that mixes survival and stealth elements. ​ 

The game has a dense and striking atmosphere, which is specially reinforced by the sound design.


Creating atmosphere with noises and effects

The sounds of A Way Home were designed to create a futuristic but scary and dense atmosphere. Several foleys were recorded, which were mixed with noises to create terrifying sounds from outside the Earth.

The soundtrack has diverse interference noises to reinforce the game's atmosphere, mixed with synthesizers and different digital effects to give the game a sci-fi air.



Composition through mixing

One of the most exciting things about having worked on producing the sound design for A Way Home is seeing how much of the end result of the game's sounds is due to the mixing and post-production process.

Being a sound design project with music based on ambient, subtle, and atmospheric effects, much of the creation and composition process was done in post-production by applying effects and textures to the recorded samples — a different approach from the conventional one, but one that brought excellent results.

A Way Home
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