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What to do when no one remembers who you are?

In a future where all minds are connected and with memories hosted in the cloud, Perda Maloss, has its shared memories erased after a hacker invasion.

In Forgettable, no one remembers who you are anymore. Controlling Maloss Loss, the player must deal with the blackmail of the hacker who hijacked his collective memories and looks for a way to make people remember her again – or not. It all depends on you.


Developed in the Unreal engine and using the Articy:Draft 3 tool, Forgettable is a Narrative Adventure game with a hyper-storyline narrative.

Players must explore the setting of a peaceful futuristic suburb, looking for clues that might remind people who Perda Maloss is. But it's up to the players to decide who they want to remember her.




Narrative Development

Project Management

Development Process

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