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How memorable can you be?

Inspired by Philip K. Dick's book Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said, Forgettable arises from the question of how memorable someone would be if everyone suddenly forgot about them.

The project seeks to mix narrative elements with exploration, encouraging players to immerse themselves in a complex and dynamic plot. 

Communication theory

The dynamics of human conversation

The development of Forgettable aspired to use concepts and elements of communication theory and apply them to a video game. A real conversation is subject to an infinity of conditioning and variables, creating countless results.

Using the Articy:Draft 3 tool in conjunction with the Unreal Engine, the project aimed to make the dialogues between players and NPCs as natural and dynamic as possible, with variations of synonyms and elements in each conversation and with differentiated dialogues according to the context of information that players and NPCs own.

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Circumstances are what define decisions

Especially when you're involved

PicNic was developed in early 2020, at the beginning of the Covid pandemic. Having its focus on its narrative with a questioning character, aiming to function as a tool for ethical analysis of each player.

The game was initially planned to be a 2D adventure game developed on the Unreal Engine but suffered several cuts due to the pandemic.

Even with that, It was exciting to develop this project during the pandemic, having to write a game about ethical dilemmas while the real world was bombarded with various quandaries and polarizations.


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