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Narrative Design Projects

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Forgettable Logo

Decide who you want to remember you

In Forgettable, the player must find clues and talk to other characters to make them remember you or not

With a Hyper-Storylines that the player can influence, the player must walk his own path

PicNic Logo

Exploring ethics through a narrative puzzle

In PicNic's narrative development, the choices were thought to be ethical dilemmas

Presenting completely different situation, but with the same philosophical questions

Paradox Line Logo

Interactive storytelling with multiple paths

Paradox Line has an interactive narrative with three distinct protagonists

The story is told in different ways, through the environment, dialogues, puzzles and gameplay

Sua Vida Logo

Emotional Approach Using the Environment

In SUA : VIDA, different approaches such as visuals, framing, flow, hierarchy and sounds were used to tell a story

The narrative design was thought to tell a story with a critical character without necessarily describing it literally

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