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For the "FND Disruptor" project, an in-depth exploration and analysis of Far Cry 6 gameplay was undertaken to pinpoint areas ripe for innovation.


A key insight was the reliance of players on the UI aids for navigation and threat detection. This dependency sparked the idea of developing an enemy that could turn this advantage into a vulnerability.

This observation inspired the creation of an antagonist designed to exploit this reliance, challenging conventional gameplay and encouraging players to adapt to new strategies and get immerse in the game environment.







Make it believable

The development phase kicked off with a succinct pitch presentation outlining the enemy's concept, interaction dynamics with other characters, and its appeal to various player types.


This was followed by the creation of a Detailed Design Document, delving into every aspect of the new enemy's design, ensuring seamless integration into the existing game world.


The culmination was a compelling final presentation aimed at persuasively showcasing the concept to stakeholders.



The Importance of Information

The "FND Disruptor" highlights the critical role of information manipulation in gaming, introducing an enemy that ingeniously leverages and distorts player data within the Far Cry series.


This concept, underpinned by a visually compelling and meticulously prepared pitch, captivated the jury through its professional delivery and the clarity of its design goals.


The project's success is attributed to the effective communication of complex ideas, blending visual appeal with comprehensive design insights, illustrating the project's innovation and the persuasive power of information.

Game Design

1st Place

“Tiago’s FND Disruptor was presented in a visually striking and informative manner. His presentation skills were excellent and were only matched by his thorough design work. He had extremely well thought out answers for all our questions, received feedback gracefully and gladly. At first blush I thought he was presenting us one of our own documents, because of the visual design, but more importantly because it presented the goals, intentions and execution professionally and clearly.”

Nigel Soederhuysen, Lead Game Designer - Ubisoft Toronto

Creative Brief

Final Presentation

More About It

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