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A Battle of Information

In crafting the "FND Disruptor," the aim was to challenge players to rethink their approach to combat and navigation within the game world. This innovative antagonist strips away the comfort of tech aids, forcing a reliance on instinct and strategy.


The design philosophy centers on adaptability and surprise, pushing players beyond traditional gameplay mechanics to engage with the environment and enemy in novel ways.


The Disruptor embodies my design ethos of creating complex, adaptive challenges that enrich the player's tactical experience.

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Emotions & Rebellion

"El Arte Degenerado" stands as a testament to the power of emotional-driven design. This mission intricately weaves player actions with the overarching story, offering a direct means to influence the game world through expressive rebellion.


The introduction of the Azulador tool is a design choice aimed at deepening player interaction, transforming environmental vandalism into a poignant act of resistance.


It's a commitment to integrating gameplay mechanics with narrative elements to create a more immersive and emotionally engaging experience.

Legacy Reimagined

Reflecting on the legacy of Far Cry, these projects are designed to honor and expand the franchise's rich gameplay foundations.


"El Arte Degenerado" and "FND Disruptor" explore new dimensions of player agency and environmental interaction. These additions are created with the intention of challenging and engaging players in unprecedented ways, highlighting the design philosophy of pushing boundaries and promoting innovation.


The reimagining of legacy moments serves not only as homage, but also as a springboard for future creative explorations.



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