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Inspiration from Flames

Drawing from the unforgettable Far Cry 3 mission igniting chaos in a farm, "El Arte Degenerado" aimed to revive that sense of thrilling disruption within Far Cry 6.


This ambition led to the innovative use of the game's paint mechanic, pushing it beyond its original scope to become a tool of remarkable player expression.


By transforming this mechanic, the mission empowers players to leave a lasting mark on the game's world, embodying the spirit of rebellion in a vividly unique manner.

360 Design for Open World

Crafting a World Open to Every Strategy and Approach

Given Far Cry 6's open-world expanse, "El Arte Degenerado" was meticulously crafted to support a 360-degree design philosophy, ensuring the level remained accessible and engaging from every conceivable angle and strategy.


This approach led to the creation of a space that not only invites but rewards multiple entry strategies, whether it be a silent glide from the sky, a covert swim from the shores, or a bold drive through enemy lines.


Such versatility in design underscores the level’s dynamic nature, encouraging players to experiment with different tactics and approaches, thereby enhancing the replayability and depth of the gameplay experience.


Empowering Rebellion

Forging an Intimate Connection Between Narrative and Action

The essence of "El Arte Degenerado" is its ability to intertwine the game's narrative of rebellion with tangible player actions, forging a powerful emotional connection between the story and the gameplay.


Through opportunities for expressive rebellion, such as painting the environment freely with blue or using the FND's own resources against them, the level design amplifies the game's thematic focus on insurrection.


This synergy not only enriches the player's engagement with the game world but also elevates the act of rebellion to a personal and impactful experience, making every choice and action a reflection of the player's contribution to the narrative arc of resistance.

Level Design

3st Place

“Tiago's level showcases some impressive skills with his solid architecture. The space was interesting and creative as well as easy to navigate with some great vantage points. We were especially impressed with his scripting skills; Tiago created a paint gun gameplay, and we had a lot of fun running around his level to deface paintings and statues as well as hopping into a tank – that he had created – and causing havoc.”

Camila Kukulski, Level Designer - Ubisoft Toronto

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Final Build

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