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Under Choices Sound Design: Crafting the Perfect Audio Experience

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

The Prelude to Production

As the previous year ended, my energies were channelled into the pre-production phase of the sound design for our project, 'Under Choices'. As a key orchestrator of the game's sonic landscape, it was paramount that I ensure our auditory elements were in harmony with the team's vision and that we were well-prepared to navigate any unforeseen challenges.

The Composition of Research

Given the Brazilian and fictional backdrop of 'Under Choices', I embarked on an immersive exploration of musical genres that would resonate with the game's theme and Brazilian culture.

Musicians in a Brazilian samba circle
Musicians in a Brazilian samba circle

This research was instrumental in ensuring our game's musical aesthetics were as authentic and accurate as possible. I delved into the works of Villa-Lobos, a renowned Brazilian composer who had an active role during the Vargas dictatorship in Brazil. His classical style, often favoured by dictators, was a perfect match for our theme.

I also explored the world of Bossa Nova, the first Brazilian genre to gain international recognition, through the works of Antonio Carlos Jobim, the father of Bossa Nova. His music helped Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) gain global recognition in the 1960s.

To add a modern touch, I drew inspiration from funk carioca, particularly the music of Anitta, one of Brazil's most well-known singers today. Her music is a hit among the youth, especially in clubs.

The result of this research was a unique blend of references that, when combined, will undoubtedly create a unique and exciting style for the songs in 'Under Choices'.

The Rhythm of Planning

With a clear idea of the musical direction, I set about defining the audio assets for our project. An audio asset list is a crucial pre-production item in the sound design process, as it allows for estimates of deadlines and requirements.

Audio asset list chart for Under Choices
Audio asset list chart for Under Choices

Key elements in an audio assets list include the ID of the files, the category of each audio file, and a description of them. While I didn't need to delve into the details of each asset, given my dual role in design and sound, a detailed list is always beneficial.

The Sound Design Journey for Under Choices

Knowing what to do is only half the battle; knowing how to do it is equally important. To this end, I created a sound palette list, which is a list of all the elements I will use during the production of our game's sounds.

Audio interface connected to a Microsoft Surface
Audio interface

A sound palette not only ensures that you have the tools to complete the project but also that you are familiar with them and can use them effectively. It also helps to create a virtual limitation, which can enhance creativity by forcing you to work within certain boundaries.

In conclusion, the journey of developing 'Under Choices' is a testament to the power of sound in shaping the gaming experience. Our meticulous planning and research, coupled with our dedication to creating a unique and authentic soundscape, are the driving forces behind our project. As we continue to navigate through the development process, we remain excited and passionate about bringing our sonic vision to life.

Until next time,

Zizo Mass


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